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Elements of the biosafety program at INRS-IAF

At INRS-IAF we have a biosafety program to support the work with human and primate biological material, pathogens, toxins, plants or plant pests. This program includes the following elements:

Biosafety training

Everyone working in a laboratory for over one month or who handles risk group 2 (RG2) material must follow the biosafety course:
  • Biosafety training given to laboratory personnel.
  • Video showing the air flow in a biosafety cabinet.
  • Other trainings are also available for support personnel and will be added to this page.
Trainees at high school or CEGEP level may be dispensed of such training if:
  • They don’t handle RG2 material.
  • They are always accompanied by a mentor appropriately trained for laboratory work.

PHAC Licence for pathogens and toxins

INRS-IAF has a licence from the PHAC to handle RG2 pathogens and toxins
  • In vitro in buildings 18, 22 and 70
  • In vitro and in vivo in building 26 (CNBE)
This licence lists some conditions that must be followed by all members of INRS-IAF including:
  • Notification of the BSO before importing, exporting, transferring or receiving a pathogen or toxin.
  • Notification of incidents related to pathogens, toxins or infected animals (i.e. exposure to a pathogen or toxin, containment loss, etc.).
These notifications (and any other request for information) must be addressed to the BSO
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